This year marks the 40th celebration of Vietnam Journal of Mechanics - the leading national journal in the field of Mechanics.  Organized in 1979 as a quarterly peer-reviewed journal of Vietnam Mechanics communities, Vietnam Journal of Mechanics has an aim to publish papers on all branches of Mechanics and its engineering applications. This is an occasion for celebration as well as for remembrance of unforgettable memories. This also provides an opportunity to look back with pride and to make projections for the future. We commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam Journal of Mechanics by the significant event that the journal has just been indexed in the ASEAN Citation Index Database (ACI). The success of the journal is made possible by the high interests of authors and voluntary work of the Editorial Board, and referees. Their cooperation helps to improve the quality of papers and ensure the scientific standards of the journal. Throughout forty years of publication, the journal has served a wide range of readers including researchers and lecturers all over the country in their related fields. 

The Ceremony of the 40th Anniversary of Vietnam Journal of Mechanics

We hope that the Journal continues to grow and provide our readers with the best efforts for the next years.


Prof. Dr. Sc. Nguyen Dong Anh