VIETNAM JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYSUBJECT CLASSIFICATION 1. Natural Products1.1. Natural Products Chemistry1.1.1. Isolation and structure determination of natural products (NPs)1.1.2. Transformation and synthesis of natural products1.1.3. Organic analysis1.1.4. Chemotaxonomy1.1.5. Biosynthesis1.1.6. Spectroscopic Properties of natural products1.2. Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of NPs1.2.1. Biological activity of natural products1.2.2. Ethnopharmacology1.2.3. Toxicology1.2.4. Drug design and development1.2.5. Biomolecules1.2.6. Pharmacokinetics of natural products1.3. Chemical engineering and biotechnology1.3.1. Processing techniques and production of natural products1.3.2. Biotechnology of natural products1.3.3. Nanotechnology of natural produts1.3.4. Biochemistry of natural products1.4. Natural products by class/subjects1.4.1. Lipids1.4.2. Polysaccharids1.4.3. Peptid-Proteins1.4.4. Food chemistry1.4.5. Natural products in plant protection1.4.6. Essential oils1.4.7. Natural products in ecology1.4.8. Dietary Supplements 1.5. Marine biochemistry1.5.1. Natural products from marine animals1.5.2. Natural products from marine plants1.5.3. Natural products from marine microorganisms1.5.4. Biochemistry of marine natural products1.5.5.2. Materials2.1. Optical, photonic and optoelectronic materials2.1.1. Optical material2.1.2. Metamaterial2.1.3. Optoelectronic material2.2. Magnetic and superconducting, and electronic materials2.2.1. Magnetic material2.2.2. Electronic material2.2.3. Superconducting material2.3. Organic and soft materials2.3.1. Organic material2.3.2. Soft material2.4. Nanoscale materials2.4.1. Optoelectronic nanomaterial & device2.4.2. Catalytic and environmental nanomaterials2.4.3. Biomedical nanomaterials2.4.4. Hybrid nanomaterials2.5. Particles, Thin films and Surfaces2.5.1. Particles2.5.2. Films and layers2.5.3. Surface & coating materials2.6. Catalytic and separation materials2.6.1. Catalytic material2.6.2. Separation material2.7. Biomedical and biomolecular materials2.7.1. Biomedical material2.7.2. Biomolecular materials2.8. Materials for energy2.8.1. Solar energy material2.8.2. New energy material2.8.3. Energy technology2.9. Engineering and structural materials2.9.1. Metal & alloys2.9.2. Ceramic material2.9.3. Polymer material2.9.4. Composite material2.10. Design, synthesis, processing and characterization techniques2.10.1. Material design2.10.2. Synthesis & processing2.10.3. Characterization techniques3. Environment3.1. Environmental Biology3.1.1. Bioremediation and biodegrediation3.1.2. Biodiversity and ecosystem3.2. Environmental analysis and monitoring3.2.1. Environmental chemical analysis3.2.2. Radioactive analysis and monitoring3.2.3. Toxicological analysis3.3. Pollution and waste3.3.1. Pollution effect and control3.3.2. Waste resources and management3.3.3. Civil and environmental engineering3.4. Environment, Energy and Sustanaible development3.4.1. Renewable energy and application3.4.2. Water environment3.4.3. Soil environment3.4.4. Marine environment 3.4.5. Air environment3.5. Environment and global climate change3.5.1. Climate change3.5.2. Natural disaster3.5.3. Ecography3.6. Toxicology and health3.6.1. Environmental toxicology3.6.2. Environment and public health3.7. Process, system and technology of environmental treatment3.7.1. Process and environmental systems3.7.2. Biological technology3.7.3. Chemical technology3.7.4. Physical technology3.8. Environmental modeling and management3.8.1. Environment quality modeling3.8.2. Environmental planning3.8.2. Environmental management4. Electronics and telecommunication4.1. Electronics4.1.1. Electronic devices4.1.2. Micro-controller4.1.3. Bio-electronics4.1.4. Electronic measurement4.2. Telecommunications4.2.1. Telecommunications Techniques4.2.2. Fiber-optics communications4.2.3. Signal processing4.2.4. TV broadcasting techniques4.3. Mobile communications4.3.1. Mobile networks generations4.3.2. Satellite communications4.3.3. Mobile networks technology4.3.4. Mobile Applications4.4. Internet4.4.1.. Internet technology4.4.2. Internet services4.4.3. Internet applications4.4.4. Social networks4.5. Ubiquitous networks4.5.1. Wireless sensor networks4.5.2. Adhoc networks4.5.3. Internet of things (IoT)4.5.4. Smart networks4.6. Information security4.6.1. Network security4.6.2. Data security4.6.3. Security techniques4.6.4. Information security management4.7. Distributed systems4.7.1. Cloud computing4.7.2. Distributed computing4.7.3. Expert and decision support systems4.7.4. Artificial intelligence4.8. Software engineering4.8.1. Webservices and webtechnology4.8.2. Speech and image processing4.8.3. Knowledge engineering4.8.4. Data, Software engineering4.8.5. Bioinformatics4.9. System programming4.9.1. Network protocols4.9.2. Network programming4.9.3. Realtime embedding systems4.9.4. Software development and testing4.10. Communication and control theory4.10.1. Communications theory4.10.2. Computing techniques4.10.3. Control and fuzzy logic4.10.4. Modeling and simulation5. Mechanical engineering - Mechatronics5.1. Mechanical engineering5.1.1. Manufacturing technology5.1.2. Precision mechanical engineering5.1.3. Machines and tools5.1.4. Welding and material technology5.2. Mechatronics5.2.1. Modelling of mechatronic systems5.2.2. Integration of mechatronic systems5.2.3. Advanced mechatronics devices5.2.4. MEMS/NEMS technology5.3. Robotics5.3.1. Robotic computing5.3.2. Manipulator5.3.3. Mobile robot5.3.4. Cooperating robot5.3.5. Robot kinematics, dynamics5.3.6. Robot motion planning, simulation5.3.7. Robot control5.3.8. Robot for mechanical manufacturing5.3.9. Human robot5.4. Engineering Mechanics5.4.1. Multibody dynamics5.4.2. Dynamics and vibration5.4.3. Structural mechanics5.4.4. Fluid mechanics5.4.5. Mechanics of composite and smart materials5.4.6. Fracture mechanics5.5. Machine and Mechanism5.5.1. Design of machinery5.5.2. Dynamics of machine and mechanism5.5.3. Structural optimization of machine and mechanism5.6. Mechanical design5.6.1. Automation of design5.6.2. Optimization design5.6.3. Rapid prototype design5.7. Advanced manufacturing technology5.7.1. Advanced machining processes5.7.2. Flexible Manufacturing Technology & System5.7.3. Smart manufacturing5.8. Intelligent and optimization control5.8.1. Fuzzy control5.8.2. Control based on artificial intelligence5.8.3. Control based on Hedge algebras, genetic algorithm5.9. Forming technology5.9.1. Product design5.9.2. Tolling design5.9.3. Advanced forming technology5.10. Automotive and vehicle engineering5.10.1. Internal combustion engines5.10.2. Vehicle dynamics and intelligent control systems5.10.3. Vehicle design and manufacturing